A New School and the tech360 Movement

Dimitri Seneca Snowden is a pioneer in the field of technology and education. The dictionary defines a pioneer as “one who opens up new areas of thought, research, or development” (answers.com). With the creation of Paramount School of Excellence charter school, he has solidified his place in history. In today’s world and economy it is important that our children have the opportunity to research and develop new methods, practices, and skills that will allow them to compete on a global level. PSoE is on the cutting edge of the theory of “new” school education and will serve as a model for charter schools to come.

Dimitri Snowden with AWSM and second grade students

PSoE is equipped with interactive white boards, touch screen computers, and computerized student workstations. Mr. Snowden is the brain child behind tech360, a revolutionary service that ensures schools and its students get the best, the most reliable, and the most creative technological innovations available.  Through tech360, he has built an Apple infrastructure and data plan, incorporated iPads and iTouch into daily instructional use, aligned the iPads and iTouch to meet state educational standards, and equipped classrooms with digital white boards, allowing teachers to engage students in fluid instruction. In addition, Mr. Snowden built an all wireless Meraki intranet that provides hi-speed access and browsing.

robo360 is another creation that prepares students in the classroom to be successful on a global level.  Mr. Snowden is the mastermind behind a 900 pound robot named AWSM, which is designed to provide multi-media lessons in the areas of math, science, physics, and language arts. The robo360 curriculum aids teachers in instruction and student assessment. It challenges students to think outside of the box and tap into their creativity and imagination. Dimitri Seneca Snowden’s educational theory and inventions serve as a catalyst of change in the world of education and technology.

Furthermore, the constructional design of PSoE charter school will serve as a model for new schools. PSoE was designed to be environmentally safe for the community. It’s the first K-8 school in the nation to have a wind farm that has five 40-feet, 2500-watt wind turbines that push power back to the electric company in Indianapolis. In addition, the school houses a green room that has a floor made out of 4,000 pounds of recycled rubber from old tires.

Likewise, the school is also designed with Learning Windows. Learning Windows are a dynamic feature that allows students to see the constructional design of the water pipes, electrical wires, and other components of the building. Through Learning Windows, the building serves as a curricular source for instruction.

Meraki is a greek word that means “doing something with soul, creativity, or love. It’s when you put something of yourself into what you are doing” (www.meraki.com). Mr. Snowden has merged his passion for technology and equipping young children to become successful in an ever changing society. He stands as an innovator on the cusp of something extraordinary in the field of technology and education.



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