Essential Items for the Natural Beauty

The following is a short list of things that are essential to my daily regimen.  These items are all-natural and most of them can be purchased organic and/or found in your (or mom’s) medicine cabinet!

Olive Oil- hair or skin.  I often mix with honey and water and use as a leave-in conditioner.  I like the Trader Joes’s organic, but you can use any kind.

Apple Cider Vinegar- when diluted, can be used on hair as a cleanser, or can be used to drink or topically for various purposes including personal feminine issues.  Use with care. Click here for more detail. I often use this as a “pre-conditioning” cleanser before I deep condition my hair. I like the TJ’s Organic, Unfiltered version.

Honey- hair, as a humectant.  I love this stuff!  I mix with Olive Oil and water and use as a leave-in conditioner!  Just make sure it’s actual grade A honey, I stick with TJ’s.

Shea Butter- hair or skin. I use the raw white shea butter (because it has no palm oil, unlike the yellow) as a facial moisturizer, or on dry areas such as feet.



Witch Hazel- skin, as an astringent, cleanser or toner.  I use this on my face after it’s been cleansed to cool and tone my skin.  It’s especially good on areas prone to breakouts. I pour a little on a cotton ball or I mix it in the palm of my hand with a little shea butter and rub on my skin with hands.  I always follow witch hazel up with some sort of moisturizer (shea or jojoba). I use the T.N. Dickinson or the Humphrey’s Maravilla, whatever is cheapest at the time…






Black Soap (Dudu Osun)- hair or skin. I use as a body/face soap.  Can be drying if used frequently or without following up with a moisturizer.  If I use black soap in my hair, it must be the kind sold by Tropical Naturals (which  has a printed expiration date on the packaging), and must be followed up by a super hydrating conditioner.

Do you use any of these products, or have other products that you suggest?  Post a comment and share!


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