Let’s Talk Kombucha!

Important Kombucha Vocabulary Before We Get Started

Mother– the original culture

Baby– the cultures created once you start new batch

Mushroom– another name for the culture

Scoby– a layer that forms on the surface of liquid (a mother if it’s the original culture, or a baby if it’s her offspring, duh!!!)


The Short of It

Confused yet??

If you are new to the study or intake of Kombucha (I am so bare with me), then you are probably like, “huh?”

*****Kombucha is a fermented tea which can be made at home or purchased commercially and has AMAZING health benefits, as I’ve been told.  I’ve not actually tried it yet, but I am very excited about the process.  I will warn you though, it looks absolutely disgusting!  But again, the benefits are amazing!*****

Kombucha is made when black and green teas, sugar, and water are fermented in a glass jar with a cloth covering.  The time it takes varies depending on if it’s the original or first batch of kombucha, or if you already have Scobies.  It contains the following beneficial elements:

Lactic Acid, Acetic Acid, Usnic Acid, Oxalic Acid, Malic acid, Gluconic Acid, and Butyric acid.  These acids do everything from balancing blood PH levels to help prevent cancer to curing yeast infections!  Read the full story and see other examples here.


Quick How To’s

Without a mother

With a baby


In Summation

Research Kombucha, try it out, and let us know what you think!  I will update soon once I’ve tried it! And add some pictures:-)


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