Play Time! Who Gets It?

For many of us, music is a lifeline.  It’s a form of expression that has the ability to evoke any emotion one may or may not be feeling at any given time.  Music is magic!  It has the power to change, to heal, to calm, to provoke, to ease.   There’s just one problem.  Music has met popular culture.

Unfortunately, the music industry isn’t always concerned with the value or quality of the music mass produced as much as it’s concerned with the quantity and money it brings in.  And neither are we.  We have the ability to demand the industry to promote artist who are able to translate our emotions through sounds and words, but what seems to be happening now is that we are instead, stuck on a scratch in the record, playing the same sound, the same lyrics, with the same played out passion.  I don’t know about you, but when I listen to the radio, my emotional variety meter instantly flatlines…

This is not to say that the artists of today are no good, or that music is somehow dead.  That would insinuate that my musical taste is the only valid kind, and that’s just not true.  What or who we like it relative to our individual desires.  However, what it does mean is that all the songs played on the radio are predictable and overplayed, and it’s even getting more difficult to tell who is who just by listening!  But there is hope!  I’ve been fortunate to stumble upon a few individuals that keep that variety meter I mentioned earlier, rockin’ the scale! Mix these songs in with the usual Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry and I promise, the world will not end but will actually be better!

Esperanza Spalding: Tell Him Cover

Goapele: First Love

*Melanie Fiona gets play time on mainstream radio, but I just like this particular song so much, I had to share!

Melanie Fiona: Gone and Never Coming Back

What other music genre or artists do you think deserve to get play time?  Comment below!


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4 responses to “Play Time! Who Gets It?

  • nymphsnecessitys

    I don’t know many of the newer stuff on the radio..when I do listen it’s to classic rock, or 80’s pop…Most of the time I have my youtube playlist on, or the ipod and even though it’s rather old fashioned I still listen to cd’s and to records…I love the crackle sound that comes with listening to the records.

    In my personal opinion…if someone sounds good on those old records, they probably sound/ed good real time..a few examples of this are Jimi Hendrix, The Manhatans, Led Zeppelin. Though I never saw/heard any of them in person their music is very consistent. One that I have seen, who’s sound is consistent with his old records is Willie Nelson. It seems like once the 80’s came things changed..I have records of some of the 80’s bands and they don’t sound half as good on the record as the do on the radio. I am a self proclaimed audiophile

    Here is an example for you…Shinig Star By The Manhatans…it sounds just like it does in this video as on the record. Maybe we need to go back to records and the less advanced technology to find out who some of the more talented artists are…I love Espe Spalding!

    Thanks for posting this!

  • nymphsnecessitys

    another group is Earth Wind and Fire…sorry for the typos up there ^

  • thesummary

    You are absolutely right! My dad often listened to records when I was younger and I can distinctly recall the favorable crackling sound! I, too, enjoy the sounds of older music and tend to keep that on deck as opposed to new aged listening. Perhaps that is why Esperanza and Goapele attract me so! Their voices and instrumental talent have not been tampered with and are most certainly timeless!

    Great point about going back to records! Have you listened to any of Cee-lo’s music?

    Here’s a preview he has on Youtube:

    What do you think?

  • thesummary

    and I love that song, Shining Star! Thanks for sharing!!

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