A trip to the Farmer’s Market!

It’s that time folks!  Pretty soon, if not already, farmer’s markets or open air markets all over the nation will open their doors, gates, roofs, fields to visitors!  It’s a time to celebrate!  Natural, organic, and handmade items will be available to you in an irresistibly fresh quality and at irresistibly cheap prices (sometimes 😉  This is a time when Farmer’s and venders come together and bring you the items that they’ve harvested or created just for you!  You should know, most markets operate on a summer schedule (unless it’s indoors, or year round), and typically run on Saturday, in the morning to early afternoon.  Sometimes, the same market will be open one day a week, but have less items to sell.  If you are lucky, your city or town will have multiple markets, and the once-a-week schedule allows them to rotate so that visitors can check out various vendors, or makes it easier for vendors to schedule a time to sell that’s best for them.  If you are unsure of a market in your area, or if you want to check a market schedule, simply research online and call your local chamber of commerce.  There should be plenty of information available!  Farmer’s Markets allow you the opportunity to help with sustainability!  You get to buy fresh, and it helps local farmers!

People who should definitely visit a farmer’s market:

If you love fresh veggies

If you absolutely detest veggies, or your children do

If you are living/interested in an “alternative”  or healthy lifestyle (vegatarian, raw, organic, vegan, gluten-free)

If you love MEAT

If you are an herbalist, or like fresh herbs and flowers

If you like natural remedies for ailments

If you are a tea connoisseur

If you love chocolate or handmade candies

If you like candles, bath salts, or other beauty items that are homemade

If you like finding things you can’t buy in a store (non-branded or non-commercialized items)

If you’ve never been to a farmer’s market

If you frequent farmer’s markets

If you know of a wonderful market in your neighborhood, town, or city, please post a comment with the location, hours/schedule, and your favorite things to buy!  This will help others decide if they would like to travel to your market, and give those new to the concept an opportunity to hear from you, the expert!

Check out these links for popular markets in:


New York City



Los Angeles

Happy Marketing:-)


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