Spoiled Little Organic Girl…


So today, I went to my neighborhood grocer to purchase some organic fruits and veggies.  I was very disappointed when I got there because the selection was pitiful!  And to make matters worse, everything was overpriced!  Now, I completely understand and have grown accustomed to paying a bit more for organic produce, but I almost passed out in my shopping basket when I got to the register and saw that those organic Roma tomatoes I grabbed were $6 (and they were even pre-packaged, the only option available!)  I left the store with one small bag of produce, and a $50 receipt…

I’m not really complaining about my own personal experience or expense.  What bothers me the most is the thought of how much it will cost others to be healthy.  Think about it:  the single mother with three kids, the man who’s been laid off for the past three months but has to feed his family, or the college student who doesn’t have a meal plan.  Do you think that they are all interested in buying organic produce at their neighborhood grocery when the prices are ridiculous and the selection sucks?  No way!  So basically this means that many will continue to put toxins, pesticides, and wax into their bodies voluntarily because it’s the most economic option…

And I have no children to worry about feeding, and I although I’m FAR from rich, I’m fortunate to have a LITTLE extra to spend.  But do I really want to pay this much for produce when bills need to paid and gas is so freaking high?  NO WAY! But I can’t sacrifice my health, so I’ll be buying more gas to head to a market that specializes in organic produce, even if it is 2o miles away…


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2 responses to “Spoiled Little Organic Girl…

  • btold

    I have four kids and think about what we eat often but when I think about the overall big picture off all the toxins that we are polluted with in this society I cast down my worries and pray because I get overwhelmed and know who has the cure all.

  • thesummary

    It’s definitely a lot to think about, and it’s super easy to become consumed. I was just thinking about this the other day, and also became overwhelmed. But I think the most important thing we can do is become aware, and simply make informed decisions. We can’t change or fix everything; most is left up to the universe. But it’s important to change the things we can…and for that, there’s organic, and there’s gardening:-)

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