I’m not scared of earthquakes, tsunamis, or tornados!

So, has anyone else noticed that our dear Mother Nature is releasing some serious tension lately?  I’m trying to recall the last time storms and floods ravaged our nation as tirelessly as it has for the past few weeks.  I’m sure we’re overdue for some geological reshaping of terrain, but I mean WOW!  With the fires in Texas, the tornados ripping across the east, and the threat of seismic activity to the west, I’m just wondering where I will be when I experience one of nature’s displays.  And I know it could be far worse; Japan got it good, and in addition to a manmade disaster as well:-( So far all I’ve gotten is rain (and trust me, I’m not complaining), but unfortunately there are (and will continue to be) some who must perish in order to keep the balance of life for the rest of us, and many more who will be displaced.  Will it get better soon?  Only Father Time will tell…

To everyone out there who may be enduring meteorological or geological changes and catastrophes , I sincerely hope that things improve soon, and that your resilience shines through like the sun!


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