Genital Mutilation: American Edition

There are a lot of societal pressures placed on women out there these days, but this one takes the cake:  Hymenoplasty!  If you are confused, just think about what is said to happen to virgins the first time they have sex.  Get it now?  What about the term “cherry”, or the bursting of it rather…  Well there’s a new trend out there, a way to rebuild that little flap of skin called the hymen characteristic of a virgin woman.  All I can think about is how dare we ever judge another group of people for the way they treat a vagina, when it seems our reverence thereof is just as incomprehensible…

Check out this blog post–The love below: obsessing over the perfect vagina— and learn about hymenoplasty and how women have come to view one of their most precious gifts.  The choice is yours.


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