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This morning as I opened my car door, and pushed my sliding car seat forward to slip my lunch bag behind my seat, I noticed I had a guest.  It was a beautiful butterfly with  it’s wings closed as if it had just landed on a flower.  It baffled me as I thought about how and when the butterfly floated into my car, and without me noticing.   I know it had to have been inside for at least one day, as I hadn’t been in my car since the day before yesterday.  I blew on the butterfly to see if there was a chance that it was still alive, but as I suspected, it was not.  I began to feel a rush of emotions come over me: sadness, pride, compassion, sympathy, longing, and love.  Here I was, unsuspecting, receiving what I now view as a symbol, a gift, message of what’s to come.  This butterfly, for a reason not yet known to me, chose to lay itself to rest in my presence, promising me transformation, everlasting knowledge, and freedom.  I learned that butterflies are associated with death and rebirth, much like their life cycle.  They represent the souls of people who have passed away, as well as a sign of new life.  It could be that the spirit of my great-grandfather, my cousin who was taken away from our family a couple years back, or the soul of someone or something I have not yet met has come to pass a message.  It could be a symbol of life that I am now charged with bringing into this world.  Whatever it’s meaning, I feel honored by the visit, and wanted to share it’s beauty with you.



How does it feel?

Woke up this morning, as did most Americans and many countless others from around the world, to the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in his “secret” compound in Pakistan.  Now I ask this question:  How does it feel now that he is dead?  Are we magically healed from pain, and instantly even?

I don’t understand all this misguided and misplaced celebration… How is this comfort? How does his death = victory? And I find it extremely hard to believe, as has been reported,  there is no one else qualified to replace him. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind (Ghandi)…

The September 11 attacks in NYC, DC, and PA are not somehow avenged because Bin Laden is dead.  His death is not closure.  He comes from a very strong network.  And while I detest in every way possible what he has helped to manifest, I do not believe his death has solved anything.  On the contrary (along with the help of the following newspaper headlines), may have brought about more trouble for the future of Americans, Pakistanis, and many other innocent victims.    It doesn’t stop here.  Please be sure to check yourself with these additional words of wisdom,

“Celebrate death and He may mistake your exuberant joy as an open invitation to visit your house next.”
-Ghana-Imani Hilton

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