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You can always close your eyes, but you can’t close your ears…

Heard this song a while back, and revisited it today because I heard a song on Pandora by the same artist (Calle 13).  I thought it was pertinent to share because the dolphin has been continually showing up as a theme in my current life, and because I know the Universe Conspires, I must honor this revelation with a very important message.  Please be warned, viewer discretion is advised.  However, as citizens of this planet, it is our responsibility to HEAR…

 Lyrics below in Spanish and English for your convenience.

Muerte en Hawaii (Spanish)

Yo he peliao con cocodrilos
Me he balanceado sobre un hilo cargando más de 500 kilos
Le he dao la vuelta al mundo en menos de un segundo
He cruzao 100 laberintos y nunca me confundo

Respiro dentro y fuera del agua como las focas
Soy a prueba de fuego, agarro balas con la boca
Mi creatividad vuela como los aviones
Puedo construir un cerebro sin leer las instrucciones

Hablo todos los idiomas de todos los abecedarios
Tengo más vocabulario que cualquier diccionario
Tengo vista de águila, olfato de perro
Puedo caminar descalzo sobre clavos de hierro

Soy inmune a la muerte
No necesito bendiciones porque siempre tengo buena suerte
Ven conmigo a dar un paseo por el parque
Porque tengo más cuentos que contarte que García Marqués

Por ti, todo lo que hago lo hago por ti
Es que tú me sacas lo mejor de mí
Soy todo lo que soy
Porque tú eres todo lo que quiero (x2)

Puedo brincar la cuerda con solo una pierna
Veo en la oscuridad sin usar una linterna
Cocino lo que quieras, yo soy todo un chef
Tengo sexo 24 – 7 todo el mes

Puedo soplar las nubes grises pa que tengas un buen día
También se como comunicarme por telepatía
Por ti, cruzo las fronteras sin visa
Y le saco una buena sonrisa a la “Mona Lisa”

Por ti, respiro antes de morirme
Por ti voy a la Iglesia y escucho toda la misa sin dormirme
Sigo siendo el Rey, aunque no tenga reino
Mi sudor huele a perfume y nunca me despeino

Se pelear todas las artes marciales
También se como comunicarme con los animales
Mientras más pasa el tiempo me veo más joven
Y esta canción la compuse sin escuchar como Beethoven

Por ti, todo lo que hago lo hago por ti
Es que tú me sacas lo mejor de mí
Soy todo lo que soy
Porque tú eres todo lo que quiero (x2)

Death in Hawaii (English)

I have fought with crocodiles
I have balanced on a wire carrying more than 500 kilos
I have traveled around the world in less than a second
I have crossed 100 labyrinths and never once gotten confused.

I breathe both in and out of water like seals
I am fireproof, I catch bullets in my mouth
My creativity flies like airplanes
I can build a brain without reading the instructions

I speak all the languages of all the alphabets
I have more vocabulary than any dictionary
I have the sight of an eagle, the smelling prowess of a dog
I can walk barefoot on iron nails

I am immune to death
I don’t need blessings, because I always have good luck
Come with me for a walk in the park
Because I have more stories to tell than García Marqués

For you, everything I do, I do for you.
It is because you bring out the best in me
I am everything I am
Because you are all I want.

I can jump rope with only one leg
I can see in the dark without using a lantern
I cook what you want, I am a great chef
I have sex 24/7, all month long

I can blow the gray clouds away so you can have a good day
Also, I know how to communicate telepathically
For you, I cross borders without a visa
And I can bring out a smile from even the Mona Lisa

For you, I breathe before I die
For you, I go to church and listen to the whole mass without sleeping
I am still the king, although I don’t have a kingdom
My sweat smells like perfume and my hair is never disheveled

I know how to fight all the martial arts
Also, I know how to communicate with animals
As more time goes by, I look younger
And I composed this song without listening, like Beethoven

For you, everything I do, I do for you.
It is because you bring out the best in me
I am everything I am
Because you are all I want.


Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

Inspired by Nigerian history and tragedies all but forgotten by recent generations of westerners, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novels and stories are jewels in the crown of diasporan literature.

Why you should listen to her:

In Nigeria, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Half of a Yellow Sun has helped inspire new, cross-generational communication about the Biafran war. In this and in her other works, she seeks to instill dignity into the finest details of each character, whether poor, middle class or rich, exposing along the way the deep scars of colonialism in the African landscape.

Adichie’s newest book, The Thing Around Your Neck, is a brilliant collection of stories about Nigerians struggling to cope with a corrupted context in their home country, and about the Nigerian immigrant experience.

Adichie builds on the literary tradition of Igbo literary giant Chinua Achebe—and when she found out that Achebe liked Half of a Yellow Sun, she says she cried for a whole day. What he said about her rings true: “We do not usually associate wisdom with beginners, but here is a new writer endowed with the gift of ancient storytellers.”

“When she turned 10 and read Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, about the clash between Igbo tradition and the British colonial way of life, everything changed: ‘I realized that people who looked like me could live in books.’ She has been writing about Africa ever since.”

Washington Post


I’m trying to find meaning.  Literally, I researched the meaning of this song.  But mostly, I just find it mesmerizing for no known reason other than it makes me lose myself for a moment!  Enjoy!

He’s gonna look like a baby!

The loverboy and I crack up when this commercial comes on!

It’s what we think when we buy this stuff!


Good Music!

Snowden Racing…as fast as you can!

If you:

1.) Love racing
2.) Want to learn about racing
3.) Live in Indianapolis or the surrounding areas (Indy 500 baby! yeah!)
4.) Own a race car
5.) Want to see an exhibition
6.) Love cars
7.) Build cars
8.) Love to burn gas really fast because you love the current gas prices…

Then check out his blog!  Snowden Racing in FULL EFFECT! Make sure you press the “like” button on his page (for facebook and twitter users)!

Shout out to Dimitri Snowden and Team Snowden for being so FLY, effortlessly!

I’m back!

Greetings everyone!

I took a short hiatus this past week, and while it is not my style to leave people hangin’, it felt really good to get a few things done and reflect on my new job as a blogger!  So, this post is my personal blog apology for not being on top of things in the “blogoshpere”, as well as a “thank you” to those who have been reading my blog!  I am new to keeping an online journal, and I am inspired by those who do it so well, with consistency and fresh perspective!  Thank you to those who comment, share, like, and subscribe to my blog,  and most of all, to those who take the time to read it!

My sincerest gratitude,


Play Time! Who Gets It?

For many of us, music is a lifeline.  It’s a form of expression that has the ability to evoke any emotion one may or may not be feeling at any given time.  Music is magic!  It has the power to change, to heal, to calm, to provoke, to ease.   There’s just one problem.  Music has met popular culture.

Unfortunately, the music industry isn’t always concerned with the value or quality of the music mass produced as much as it’s concerned with the quantity and money it brings in.  And neither are we.  We have the ability to demand the industry to promote artist who are able to translate our emotions through sounds and words, but what seems to be happening now is that we are instead, stuck on a scratch in the record, playing the same sound, the same lyrics, with the same played out passion.  I don’t know about you, but when I listen to the radio, my emotional variety meter instantly flatlines…

This is not to say that the artists of today are no good, or that music is somehow dead.  That would insinuate that my musical taste is the only valid kind, and that’s just not true.  What or who we like it relative to our individual desires.  However, what it does mean is that all the songs played on the radio are predictable and overplayed, and it’s even getting more difficult to tell who is who just by listening!  But there is hope!  I’ve been fortunate to stumble upon a few individuals that keep that variety meter I mentioned earlier, rockin’ the scale! Mix these songs in with the usual Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry and I promise, the world will not end but will actually be better!

Esperanza Spalding: Tell Him Cover

Goapele: First Love

*Melanie Fiona gets play time on mainstream radio, but I just like this particular song so much, I had to share!

Melanie Fiona: Gone and Never Coming Back

What other music genre or artists do you think deserve to get play time?  Comment below!

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